Quiz on Millets: Test Your Knowledge in our Quiz Challenge

Quiz on Millets:

Welcome to our Quiz on Millets, where we celebrate the humble yet mighty grains that have been sustaining civilizations for millennia. Millets, often dubbed as “smart grains” “miracle grains,” or ”Forgotten Crops” have been making a comeback on the global stage due to their impressive nutritional profile, resilience to harsh climates, and environmental sustainability that today all we are reaching for it.

In this quiz, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, delving into the fascinating world of millets. This quiz will test your knowledge and perhaps even introduce you to some surprising facts about these super grains.

So, whether you’re a seasoned millet enthusiast or just curious to learn more about these nutritious wonders, join us as we explore them. Let’s dive in and see how much you know about these tiny grains with enormous potential!

This quiz on millets will also help students to upgrade their knowledge of millets. So, please share with your friends and relatives.

Rules: There are 10 questions. For every right answer, you will get 1 mark. The pass mark is 6/10.

For each question, you will get 60 seconds to answer it. If you cannot answer the question within 60 seconds, the question will be locked. You need to answer the next questions. I know you can do it. ALL THE BEST!!!


Once you complete the quiz, please let me know in the comment box below, how the quiz was and what questions on millets I should make in the coming days.

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Author: Tapas Chandra Roy, A Certified Farm Advisor on Millets, ‘Promoting Millets from Farm to Plate’ and an Author of the book -” Millet Business Ideas-Empowering Millet Startups”. In a mission to take the forgotten grains- Millets to Millions. To remain updated on my blogs on Millets please subscribe to my newsletter and for any queries please feel free to write to [email protected]

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  1. Respected sir,
    All quiz was very interesting and meaningfull. If possible, then what type of nutrition and quantity are available with millets? This can be a good quiz section for our society to learn through this initiatives. 


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