10 Amazing Health Benefits of Finger Millet and 5 Healthy & Easy Recipes

Benefits of Finger Millet

Benefits of Finger Millet: Finger Millet is commonly known as Ragi. It has become a part of the diet in most households in India due to its impressive nutritional value. Its value can’t be understood unless until you take it regularly. It was always considered as poor man’s food but now it is accepted by … Read more

How to make Healthy Millet Cookies with Jaggery at Home

millet cookies

Millet Cookies: When you pick up a biscuit/cookies from a shop, they are mostly made of refined flour (maida). But making cookies with millet flour is a healthier option. Millets has become a part of our everydays’ diet because it is not just healthy but rich in nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and many more. In this … Read more