Millet Adda: A Tale of Success and Nourishing Transformation in India

Millet Adda:

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture and wellness, one remarkable company stands tall: Agrozee Organics Pvt Ltd. Established in 2021, this pioneering venture has quickly risen to prominence in the millet industry. Their brand, ‘Millet Adda,’ has become a household name, a symbol of wholesome goodness. From the humble beginnings of purchasing millet grains directly from farmers, this enterprising team has expanded its horizons, crafting over 40 value-added products and consistently striving to innovate. Their food technologists and team are tirelessly developing new, enticing offerings.

Journey of Millet Adda:

The journey wasn’t without challenges. It all began with post-pandemic uncertainties and the uphill task of transforming millets from humble grains to celebrated food. But these challenges merely fuelled their determination.

Their ingenious approach involved active participation in social gatherings and events, where they introduced people to the taste of good health, sharing with them the power-packed products born from their dedication.

The ripple effect was astounding. People began experiencing the benefits, and the orders started flowing in. What’s more, the positive word-of-mouth publicity from their esteemed customers became their greatest asset.

Agrozee Organics Pvt Ltd was incorporated 3.5 years ago in Uruli Kanchan, Pune, Maharashtra, with a mission dedicated to happiness and wellness. They directly source raw millet grains from local farmers and process them into a diverse range of products, from Flakes, Cookies, Ladoos, to Roasters, Noodles, Dosa/Idli premixes, and more. Their commitment lies in offering a healthy alternative through millets, improving the livelihoods of small landholding and rain-fed farmers.

Social Responsibility of Millet Adda:

Women’s self-help groups play a pivotal role in this journey, collecting harvests from these small-scale farmers. The focus here is on the right food for good health and happiness.

Being a social enterprise with a focus on health and wellness, Agrozee Organics has made a significant impact. Their motto of ‘Aahar se Arogya’ resonates with people and has led to a surge in inquiries through phone calls, messages, social media, and emails. Their dedicated team guides these inquiries to successful orders.

The demand for millet grains has been steadily increasing, driving their parallel efforts in new product development, packaging, logistics, and shelf-life management. Their value-added products are designed not only for flavor but also to be highly nutritious. From traditional Indian sweets like Ladoo to Pearl millet crackers rich in iron, they’ve created awareness and managed the growing market demand.

President Award for developing technology for long-term storage of bulk grains, which can help to reduce food wastage and improve food security

Mahesh Londhe, the Founder and CEO of AgroZee Organics, graduated from the College of Agriculture, Pune embarked on this journey after witnessing the health struggles of his own family. His mother’s battle with diabetes led him on a quest for a natural solution, which led him to the incredible potential of millets. Recognizing the gaps in the millet value chain, he founded AgroZee Organics with a vision to strengthen millet production and distribution. Today, he’s proud to be recognized for his efforts with awards such as the Aglive@2023 Millets Challenge by CII and the Best Entrepreneur Excellence Award from the DeAsra Foundation. This recognition served as a source of encouragement and inspiration to continue striving for their goals.

As Agrozee Organics grew, they encountered new challenges daily. However, their relentless commitment to quality and accessibility drove them forward. They coordinated with farmers and self-help groups to secure fair pricing and made their products available at the right price. Adapting to fluctuating costs and market dynamics, they successfully navigated the journey.

Way Forward of Millet Adda:

Agrozee Organics has big expansion plans. They aim to increase their processing capacity, introduce innovative products, and expand across India in the B2B segment. Automated weighing and packing facilities will enhance efficiency and consistency. As they embark on this exciting journey, the future holds a promise of even greater achievements and a healthier, more vibrant India.

Millet Adda: Where Health Meets Taste, and Transformation Begins.

That’s the true Millet Change Maker in the Millet Movement, where every component of the entire millet value chain is addressed starting from Farm to Plate.

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